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Central Coast Living: Festival Mozaic pairs sound of music with beautiful views at Serra Chapel

Knocking on 50, Festival Mozaic kicks off its 49th year this week with powerhouse performances from world class musicians coming to the Central Coast.

Performances start Thursday and continue through August 4, but at least one venue is proving to be a fan and musician favorite: Serra Chapel in Shandon.

(Courtesy: Festival Mozaic)

“It is something that you can’t really find anywhere else in the world,” Scott Yoo said, Festival Mozaic’s music director. “There is basically nothing, just golden grass. And then suddenly, there is a vineyard, and suddenly there is a chapel that was built from spare parts from Hearst Castle.”

Yoo loves this week and Saturday’s performance at the chapel has monumental meaning for him.

“It’s like the center of summer, it’s like the center of gravity of my year is getting to go there and play.”

The concert begins near sunset, with music heating up as the temperatures cool down.

Serra Chapel’s isolation is only one of its strengths, with acoustics in spades.

(Courtesy: Festival Mozaic)

“It’s just an all-star team of musicians that we all get together once a year and play together. It’s really slick it’s awesome,” Yoo said. “This festival is not something that happens in the community. It’s something that grew out of the community and that’s what I’m really proud of.”

Tickets are still available. You can find the festival schedule on the Festival Mozaic’s website.

Dustin Klemann

Dustin Klemann

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